OEM Industries
Automotive OEM, Machinery, 
Steel Tube & Pipe, Pumps, 
Construction Equipment, Shelving & Racking, Structural, Waste Containers

Functional and decorative coatings for flexible and rigid packaging:
Food & Beverage
We partner with many of the world’s largest coating manufacturers on private label and toll manufacturing.


An American Company with Unmatched Capabilities

Jamestown Coating Technologies of Jamestown, PA has built a legacy of value and performance in the coating industry since 1885. Since establishing our commitment to customers and quality right from the start, the company has become a leader in innovative products and processes for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as well as consumer and pharmaceutical packaging. Our unique processes allow us to meet customers’ most exacting quality standards and lead times.
Our Products

Jamestown Coating Has Redefined Color Accuracy and Consistency

The ExactMatch™ Color Matching System has redefined color accuracy and consistency. Through innovative processes and leading-edge technology, our skilled chemists and technicians can match colors up to 0.2 ∆e, meeting and surpassing the most stringent color and performance requirements.

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