Protective and Decorative Coatings for Pharmaceutical Products, Food & Beverage Products, and Consumer Products

Developing coatings for packaging requires expertise beyond the ability to produce those that meet the protective or decorative requirements of our customers. With over three decades of experience in providing high-quality coatings to the packaging industry, our team of chemists is experienced in meeting the unique and regulatory challenges that packaging for consumer goods presents. 

Many of our coatings are protective and decorative, like our Urethane and UV-Curable coatings for cosmetic packaging or our Epoxy coatings for disposable aluminum cookware. Others are functional, like Heat Seal coatings and Print Primers for flexible aluminum or plastic.

Whether you need a can coating that meets FDA 175.300 or a Soft Touch coating for plastic, bring us your biggest challenge. Jamestown Coating Technologies is ready to take it on.

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