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Jamestown Coating Technologies
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Packaging Coatings

Jamestown has over thirty years of experience developing coatings for packaging.   Some of these coatings are protective and decorative, like our Urethane and UV-curable coatings for cosmetic packaging or our Epoxy coatings for disposable aluminum cookware. Others are functional, like Heat Seal coatings and Print Primers for flexible aluminum or plastic.

These are just a few examples of the coatings we develop and produce for consumer packaging.  Whether you need a can coating that meets FDA 175.300 or a Soft Touch coating for plastic, Jamestown Coatings has you covered.

Our chemists work closely with packaging producers and their customers to select or develop coatings that meet their unique challenges and regulatory requirements.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you.

For more information, please email us at or call (800) 628-3565.

Coating Type Market Substrates Properties
Epoxy Thermoset Food Containers Aluminum & Steel FDA 175.300
Urethane Cosmetic Containers Plastic & Glass Chemical Resistance & Decorative
UV-Curable Cosmetic Containers Plastic & Glass Chemical Resistance & Decorative
BPA Free Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum & Steel FDA 175.300
Heat Seal
Soft Touch
UV-curable & Urethane
Cosmetic Packaging
Consumer Electronics & Automotive Components
Plastic & Glass Tactile, Haptic & Visual