Cost Reduction Strategies

Cost Reduction as a Value Added

Jamestown Coating Technologies offers our Five Strategies for Cost Reduction to significantly impact your bottom line.

Strategy #1: Reduced Coating Usage

We develop products that work well within your existing application parameters. In some cases, we will suggest equipment that can quickly pay for itself through reduced coatings usage.
Strategy #2: Lower Energy Consumption
Many of our coatings can cure more quickly and at lower temperatures. The result is less energy used in your manufacturing process.
Strategy #3: Improved Throughput
Many of our fast-drying formulations allow for increased line speeds. It’s like adding capacity without the capital investment.
Strategy #4: Waste Minimization & Recycling
Our environmentally friendly products are designed for excellent transfer efficiency and waste reduction. In some cases, Jamestown Coating Technologies can collect and re-manufacture overspray into new coatings.
Strategy #5: Inventory Control
From 5-gallon pails to 4000-gallon tankers, we can customize batch sizes to fit your needs and reduce your inventory storage costs.
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