Heavy Equipment

High-Performing Coatings for the Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Industry … Protecting Your Products and Your Brand Value!

Industrial-Strength Coatings

As a heavy equipment manufacturer, your customers demand high performance, durability and day-in and day-out productivity. From the power plant to the hydraulics, each and every detail must be perfect. One of those details is the coating that is applied to the parts and the body. A coating that protects and lasts–a custom coating from Jamestown Coating Technologies.
Accuracy & Consistency
In the high-stakes, highly competitive heavy equipment industry, there is no room for “close” or “almost.” And that’s why companies turn to Jamestown Coating Technologies. Manufacturers expect their coating supplier to deliver in two crucial performance areas – Accuracy and Consistency. Thanks to our proprietary ExactMatch™ Color Matching System, Jamestown Coating Technologies delivers.
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