Toll Manufacturing

Private Label Coatings & Paints

Jamestown Coating Technologies partners with many of the world’s largest coatings manufacturers on private label and toll manufacturing projects, and here’s why:

High-Quality Standards

Our research and development laboratory and production facilities are ISO-9001 certified. You can be sure that your products will be produced with excellent batch-to-batch consistency. Our tolling partners are so confident in our capabilities that they will warranty many of the products we produce.
A Range of Batch Sizes
Jamestown Coating Technologies will toll produce batches in any quantity, large or small. We can fill virtually any container type, from 1-ounce touch-up vials to 4000-gallon tankers.
Custom Coating Formulation
If you are looking to formulate a product that will meet all of your customers’ needs, we are the only resource you need. We have a number of private-label partners who sell our formulations under their label. We will ship directly to your customer, your warehouse, or anywhere else you choose.
Fast Turnaround
We’re known for meeting even the tightest of deadlines. It is our flexibility and color-matching technology that allow us to satisfy your customers’ coatings needs with both speed and accuracy.
High Safety Standards
Our commitment to a safe working environment makes Jamestown Coating Technologies the ideal partner for handling dangerous chemicals such as acetone, hydrogen peroxide, and MEK. We have years of experience processing highly flammable and corrosive chemicals and are continually recognized by the American Coatings Association for our exemplary safety record.
Batch-to-Batch Consistency
Outsourcing your production can be a risky proposition. Our partners trust Jamestown Coating Technologies to manufacture products in spec, every time. Our manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure that a product won’t leave Jamestown until our rigorous quality standards are satisfied.
Color Matching
Jamestown Coating Technologies can match colors more accurately due to our proprietary ExactMatch™ Color Matching System. This amazing system has redefined color accuracy and consistency. Through innovative processes and leading-edge technology, our skilled chemists and technicians can match colors up to 0.2 ∆e, meeting and surpassing the most stringent color and performance requirements. You can be sure that no matter the color/gloss/texture combination, Jamestown Coating Technologies will deliver a precise match.
Confidentiality is key to maintaining any company’s competitive advantage. It is our policy to sign non-disclosure agreements with all of our private labeling and toll-manufacturing partners. We won’t discuss our tolling relationships with anyone outside of your company and ours.
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