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Cost Reduction Strategies

Jamestown Coatings’ technical service specialists will quickly assess your coatings needs and implement strategies that impact your bottom line.  Cost savings opportunities include:

Reduced Coatings Usage

Jamestown Coatings’ develops products that work well within your existing application parameters.  In some cases, our technical service experts will suggest equipment that can quickly pay for itself through reduced coatings usage.

Lower Energy Consumption

Many of our coatings can cure quicker, and at lower temperatures.  The result is less energy used in your manufacturing process.

Improved Throughput

Many of Jamestown Coatings’ fast drying formulations allow for increased line speeds.  Running your lines faster is like adding capacity, without the capital investment.

Waste Minimization & Recycling

Reducing waste impacts environmental  permitting and profitability.  Jamestown Coatings’ environmentally-friendly products are designed for excellent transfer efficiency and waste reduction.  Opportunities may exist to implement a recycling program.  In some cases, Jamestown Coatings can collect and re-manufacture overspray into new coatings.

Inventory Control

Whether you’d like your coatings in 5-gallon pails, drums, totes or tankers, Jamestown Coatings can customize batch sizes to fit your needs and reduce your inventory storage costs.

On-Site Support. From Start to Finish

With an incredible team of technical support experts, Jamestown Coatings will be able to offer assistance from start to finish.

Hands-on Training
We will work with your plant personnel to ensure they know how to safely and effectively apply our coatings. We can even produce custom training videos that can be referenced for additional training.

There When You Need Us
Jamestown Coatings’ technical support is available 24/7.  We also are on-site regularly to test in-process samples, verify application conditions and get feedback from your personnel.

Quick & Consistent Color Matching

As a leader in quickly matching colors for over 125 years, Jamestown Coatings offers an unparalleled mix of speed and accuracy.  

By matching colors up to 0.2 Δe, Jamestown Coatings has redefined color accuracy.

Jamestown Coatings’ quick turnaround capabilities ensure that no matter what surprises you encounter, receiving your coatings on time won’t be one of them.

Our manufacturing processes have been refined by over a century in the coatings industry.  Combined with rigorous quality control inspections of every batch, you can be confident that each delivery will meet your standards.