Coil Coating

Innovative Coatings that Establish a Modern Benchmark for Beauty, Durability and Sustainability in the Coil Coating Industry

Meeting Your Customers’ Demands

Your customers demand product performance and durability from your coil coating business, and your reputation and brand are at risk if you are unable to deliver. Our laboratory chemists engineer coating formulations that will meet, and often exceed, your customers’ tough requirements, thereby enhancing the value of every coil you ship. Jamestown Coating Technologies is ready to provide the solution for any challenge your customer may throw your way.
Coil-to-Coil Consistency
In the high-stakes, highly competitive coil coating industry, there is no room for “close” or “almost.” And that’s why companies turn to Jamestown Coating Technologies. Manufacturers expect their coating supplier to deliver in two crucial performance areas – Accuracy and Consistency. Thanks to our proprietary ExactMatch™ Color Matching System, Jamestown Coating Technologies delivers.
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